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   MerlinKnights is dedicated to all the wonderful and badass Knights in the BBC series 'Merlin.' Here you'll see Elyan, Sir Leon, Lancelot, Percival and Gwaine - plus hopefully new future Knights - aswell as things about the actors portraying them!
   Hope you enjoy this blog and please feel free to Submit anything 'knightly' you'd like to share.
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  • November 3rd

    8.15pm GMT Merlin 5x05 - The Disir

    November 4th

    9pm EST
    (Santiago) Dexter 7x04

    November 10th

    8pm GMT Merlin 5x06 - The Dark Tower

    November 9th-11th

    Tom @ Supanova Brisbane >> Info <<

    November 16th-18th

    Tom @ Supanova Adelaide >> Info <<
    TBA 2013 -
    Knights @ Wizard Con (unconf.)

  • Lozzeh13’s Merlin/Game of Thrones fanmade intro video

    Y’all need to watch this if you haven’t yet already.

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